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that is to say 英 [ðæt iz tu: sei] 美 [ðæt ɪz tu se] 即;就是;换句话说;更确切地说 He didn't go; that is to say, it is not recorded that he did. 他没有去,换句话说,他去的这个事实无案可查。

that is to say表示“换句话说,也就是说”,可用in other words,that is替换,多用于进行进一步解释说明,常用作插入语。

that is to say ,"也就是说"等同于in other words, it mesns that.

答案是C。all.后面是省略that的定语从句,省略的that作从句中to say的宾语。that作定语从句中的宾语时可以省略。选项A,what不能引导定语从句,故错。 选项B,that 前缺先行词,可以看作是名词性从句作表语,但从句中缺宾语故错。 选项D,不定代...


(作插入语)那就是说,即是,换言之,换句话说 例句: 1.But here I had like to have dipt all my cargo in the sea again; FOR that shore lying pretty steep,that is to say sloping,there was no place to land 可是,在这里,我几乎又一次险些把...

It is simple enough to say that since books have classes——fiction, biography , poetry——we should separate them and take from each what it...

it says 常用于 It says a lot / much for sb. (充分说明某人 ...) 或 It says on /in ... (... 上面写着)。 that is to say 是对上文换一种方式的表达,意思是 “也就是说” 、“换言之” 或 “即”,与 namely、in other words、i.e. 同义。

That 主语 is系动词 exactly what I want to say表语从句 what引导词 作表语从句中 I want to say 的宾语 。

that is to say 做什么成分? that is to say 用在那里是个错误. 原句有错误, 且写得混乱. 可以改成: First, there are many words that we learn in our daily life from members of our own families and friends and become familiar with the...

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