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ʲômariaandjanefromjapan? Ҫ: are Are Maria and Jane from Japan? ϣа


they're Maria and Jane?

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Dear Jane, I got your letter yesterday. Im sorry to know that you failed the Chinese exam. Here is some suggestions for you, just follow them and I think youll feel better. First, you dont need to worry about this exam. Take...

ijһʾ: Are Maria and Jane from England ˭ߡ

They're Maria and Jane. Ϊһʾ䣺 Are they Maria and Jane? Maria and Janeʣ Who are they?

Are are ͼһѧУ ǵģǡ

flew Last Sunday Maria and Jane flew kites in the park. fly a kitefly kitesŷ

They are not/aren't Maria or Jane.

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